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Best Smartwatches 2023: Top 15 Watches We Recommend

The best Android smartwatch for 2023: wearables for Google-powered phones

With so many offerings out there, knowing what the best Android smartwatch is for you can be tricky to discern. There's no one-size-fits-all solution here, as it all depends on what you need from your wearable. Luckily, there's something for everyone in the current smartwatch landscape, thanks to different manufacturers offering a good variety of wearables.

The best Android smartwatches also frequently appear among the best smartwatches overall, which is extra reassurance. Each entry below helps you track your fitness, wellness, and health needs. They also provide notifications to your wrist. Many run Google's own Wear OS -- the wrist-based equivalent of Android -- while others use their own operating systems.

If you need to pair it with one of the best iPhones, you'll be limited. Generally, it's a better option to get one of the best Apple Watches or even switch to an Android phone. Some of the best smartwatches for iPhones are Android-based though as you'll see below.

We've got all the best Android smartwatches listed below, so whether you're looking for the best cheap smartwatch, one of the best running watches or something super stylish, it's here. Each entry comes with a quick overview, pros and cons, and a link to the full review.

The best Android smartwatch for 2023

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1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 The best Android smartwatch overall Specifications OS: Wear OS Compatibility: Android Display: 1.4-inch 450 x 450 Super AMOLED Processor: Dual-core 1.18GHz Cortex-A55 Onboard storage: 16GB Battery duration: One day Charging method: Qi wireless charging IP rating: IP68 Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS specifications Colour Blue, Purple, Silver Condition New Today's Best Deals View at Best Buy (opens in new tab) View at Samsung (opens in new tab) View at Amazon (opens in new tab) Reasons to buy + Powerful fitness features + Durable and lightweight Reasons to avoid - One-day battery life - Optimized for Samsung phones

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is a smart looking watch in every sense of the word. It looks great on your wrist while offering powerful features. A Super AMOLED display is sharp and clear, as well as able to handle very bright outdoor scenes.

Performance wise, it's fast although you'll reap the most benefits when paired with a Samsung smartphone. There's no iPhone support here either.

Besides SmartThings integration, the highlight here is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5's ability to monitor your body composition. It's bordering on the ultimate fitness tool with extensive sleep tracking also helping you get the most from yourself every day. Shame about that one day battery life, though.

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2. TicWatch E3 The best cheap Android smartwatch powered by Wear OS Specifications OS: Wear OS Compatibility: Android Display: 1.3-inch 360 x 360 OLED Processor: Snapdragon Wear 4100 Onboard storage: 8GB Battery duration: Two days Charging method: Qi wireless charging IP rating: IP68 Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS specifications Condition New Today's Best Deals View at Amazon (opens in new tab) View at Amazon (opens in new tab) Reasons to buy + Large display + Fast performance Reasons to avoid - Looks simple - Casing feels cheap

The TicWatch E3 packs a lot in for the price. It has a large display, even if it's not OLED, while its focus on health and wellbeing ensures there are options for measuring stress, ambient sound, sleep, exercise and more.

Reliable and affordable, its two-day battery life is superior to many rivals, all while still tracking useful factors like blood oxygen levels and heart rate. It might look a little basic but it packs a punch where it counts.

Out the box, iOS compatibility is available, thanks to its Wear OS 2-based user experience but an upgrade to Wear OS 3 is on the cards, which might change things.

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3. Google Pixel Watch The best Wear OS showcase Specifications OS: Wear OS Compatibility: Android Display: 1.2-inch AMOLED Processor: Exynos 9110 Onboard storage: 32GB Battery duration: One day Charging method: Proprietary wireless charging IP rating: Up to 5ATM Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS specifications Colour Silver Condition New Today's Best Deals View at Best Buy (opens in new tab) View at Amazon (opens in new tab) View at Best Buy (opens in new tab) Reasons to buy + Elegant looks + Fitbit integration Reasons to avoid - One size fits all - Underwhelming battery life

Google's first foray into smartwatches has produced beautiful results. The Google Pixel Watch looks great, with a glossy, smooth face that's more eye-catching than most. It may be smaller than some rivals but it works well, with great integration with popular apps, not to mention access to the Fitbit ecosystem, which makes it even more appealing to fitness-focused users.

Wear OS is a breeze to use here, pairing up particularly well with Google’s own phones, like the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Google Assistant integration is smart and effective, with built-in media controls also working well. While the battery life could be better, there's little else to fault when it comes to how well this watch works.

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4. Garmin Fenix 7 Garmin's top-tier sports watch Specifications OS: GarminOS Compatibility: Android and iOS Display: 1.3-inch 260 x 260 Memory-in-pixel Processor: Dual-frequency GNSS Onboard storage: 16GB Battery duration: Up to 18 days Charging method: USB IP rating: 10ATM Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS specifications Colour Black, Blue, Grey, Silver Condition New Today's Best Deals View at Amazon (opens in new tab) View at Best Buy (opens in new tab) View at Competitive Cyclist US (opens in new tab) Reasons to buy + Ideal for athletes and hikers + Extra-tough design Reasons to avoid - Low-contrast display - No mic for hands-free calls

For anyone who can't stay still, the Garmin Fenix 7 is a perfect smartwatch for tracking everything possible. It gives you all the tools you could need to understand your current fitness level, as well as to set and achieve your goals.

With advanced workout tracking and training tools, along with superb navigation apps, it's excessive for someone that wants a stylish timepiece, and its display could look sharper. For the avid adventurer though, this is a powerful investment.

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5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro The smartwatch for outdoor enthusiasts Specifications OS: Wear OS Compatibility: Android Display: 1.4-inch 450 x 450 Super AMOLED Processor: Dual-core 1.18GHz Cortex-A55 Onboard storage: 16GB Battery duration: Two days Charging method: Qi wireless charging IP rating: IP68 Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS specifications Colour Black Condition New Today's Best Deals View at Best Buy (opens in new tab) View at Samsung (opens in new tab) View at Amazon (opens in new tab) Reasons to buy + Tough exterior + Advanced GPS features Reasons to avoid - Average battery life - Chunky

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review is big, bold and brash with an eye on assisting outdoor enthusiasts. Its AMOLED screen is super smooth to use while also being twice as durable as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 before it. All the improved health features are there with the Pro offering up a route workout GPS function so you can plan your route carefully with turn-by-turn navigation.

It has the advantages of a Garmin watch while also the glamor of a Wear OS device, ensuring you get the best of both worlds with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. A 80 hour battery life is better than many other Wear OS watches but it's not quite as good as the Garmin-based competition if you plan on being very active. Still, it's a small price to pay for an otherwise gorgeous watch.

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6. Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro The best smartwatch for stylish looks Specifications OS: HarmonyOS Compatibility: Android and iOS Display: 1.43-inch 466 x 466 AMOLED Processor: Dual-chipset Onboard storage: 4GB Battery duration: Up to 14 days Charging method: Qi charging IP rating: IP68 Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS Today's Best Deals Check Amazon (opens in new tab) Reasons to buy + Premium look and feel + Responsive interface Reasons to avoid - Limited third-party app support - Janky watch app store

The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is a seriously stylish watch with excellent build quality. It feels expensive and looks suitably classy too. Combined with excellent battery life, and great fitness and wellness features, it might appear to be the ideal smartwatch on the surface.

Inferior third-party app integration and a broken wallet app lets the side down, but if you can live with the out-of-box experience, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is a gorgeous timepiece to have on your wrist, offering great health features and fantastic longevity.

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7. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Formerly the best Android smartwatch Specifications OS: Wear OS Compatibility: Android Display: 1.4-inch 450 x 450 Super AMOLED Processor: Dual-core 1.18GHz Cortex-A55 Onboard storage: 16GB Battery duration: Two days Charging method: Qi wireless charging IP rating: IP68 Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS specifications Colour Black, Gold, Silver Condition New Today's Best Deals View at Amazon (opens in new tab) View at Best Buy (opens in new tab) View at Samsung (opens in new tab) Reasons to buy + Premium finish + Great performance Reasons to avoid - Limited compatibility - No rotating bezel

Formerly the best Android smartwatch as well as one of the best smartwatches overall, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is packed with features. With an improved battery life over its predecessor, and some interesting new software in the form of One UI Watch 3, it's a compelling mixture of features right down to its new body composition tools.

There's limited compatibility if you don't have a Samsung smartphone to pair it with and we miss the rotating bezel (although there is a virtual one), but you can't beat the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 for all-round style and useful features. Its gorgeous display further helps here too with speedy performance keeping up with your plans.

It might not be the most highly-specced fitness watch out there. However, it's a solid all-rounder for those keen to check on their heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and more while looking good in their downtime too.

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8. TicWatch Pro 3 The best Wear OS 2.0 Android smartwatch Specifications Compatibility: Android, iOS Display: 1.4" 454 x 454 OLED paired with LCD screen Processor: Snapdragon Wear 4100 Onboard storage: 8GB Battery duration: Up to 72h, 45 extra days in Essential mode Charging method: Magnetic connecting pin IP rating: IP68 Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC Today's Best Deals View at Amazon (opens in new tab) View at Walmart (opens in new tab) Reasons to buy + Big battery lasts 3 days + Fast chipset Reasons to avoid - Sometimes poor interface - Sleep tracking isn't the best

The TicWatch Pro 3 is a good all-rounder that doesn’t necessarily excel in any one area. But it doesn’t need to because it’s also cheaper than top-end rivals.

And it does have a lot going for it. For one thing, it was the first smartwatch to use the top-end Snapdragon 4100 chipset, so performance is good in our tests. It also offers two to three days of battery life, or – if you switch it to Essential mode – it can keep going for up to 45 days.

The TicWatch Pro 3 also has a good screen - 1.4-inch 454 x 454 one that’s crisp, bright, and responsive, plus the watch has all the typical health and fitness features you’d expect from a smartwatch. Just don’t buy this for sleep tracking, as we found that wasn’t very accurate.

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9. Fitbit Sense An excellent Android smartwatch with mental health tools Specifications OS: Fitbit OS Compatibility: Android, iOS Display: 300 x 300 LCD Processor: N/A Onboard storage: N/A Battery duration: Up to 6 days Charging method: Magnetic connecting pin IP rating: Water resistance to 50m Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth specifications Colour Gold, White Condition New Today's Best Deals View at Best Buy (opens in new tab) View at Amazon (opens in new tab) View at Macy's (opens in new tab) Reasons to buy + Detailed stress logging + On-board GPS Reasons to avoid - Many tools require Fitbit Premium - Step counting slightly inaccurate

The Fitbit Sense has a design that's quite similar to the Versa, listed higher on this list, and as a Fitbit it's also quite similar to use. However, this Android smartwatch model comes wtih health features that go beyond the physical.

The Fitbit Sense has the... well, sense, to check in on some aspects of mental health too, logging your mood and stress, as well as providing meditation and mindfulness lessons. Its main issue is that you have to pay for Fitbit Premium for lots of its extra features. There aren't exactly many other watches on this list that require you to keep paying after you've bought it.

Performance-wise, we found it to be impressive during testing. Putting the Sense through a pretty intense spin session, we didn’t see any unexpected dips in heart rate that indicate an issue with fitness trackers. It also vibrates to indicate when you're moving between heart rate zones, which is very useful for training.

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10. OnePlus Watch Sleek if basic at times Specifications OS: OnePlus Watch OS Compatibility: Android Display: 1.39-inch 454 x 454 AMOLED Processor: OnePlus chipset Onboard storage: 4GB Battery duration: Up to 7 days Charging method: Qi charging IP rating: IP68 Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS Today's Best Deals Check Amazon (opens in new tab) Reasons to buy + Week-long battery life + Sleek design Reasons to avoid - No way to add apps - Basic fitness tracking

The OnePlus Watch looks truly high-end for the price rivalling some top-end competitors. A circular design with a stainless steel metal body gives it a glossy finish that looks great on your wrist. Larger than most, it's clear to see what you're doing too.

The downside? There's no way to add apps, so you're stuck with what's already installed. Also, its fitness tools can be quite inaccurate, which is frustrating, especially when tracking your location via GPS. Still, it runs smoothly and has great battery life, which are useful advantages.

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How to choose the best Android smartwatch for you First off, don't buy an Apple Watch, as they don't work with Android. Beyond that it's a case of picking one with the features you need. Do you care about being able to take an ECG or is basic heart rate monitoring enough? Are you into health and fitness or do you mostly just want notifications? Consider all that, along with what prices and styles suit you.

Do these smartwatches also work with an iPhone? Most smartwatches that work with Android will also work with an iPhone. However, you might lose out on some functionality, and there are a few that won't work at all, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5, as well as the Google Pixel Watch. For the best results with an iPhone, stick to an Apple Watch.

How we test Android smartwatches

When testing a smartwatch we pair it to our phones and use it for days, so we can tell what it's like for everyday use - this includes working out its true battery life, seeing how it handles notifications, and appreciating any extra features it has.

We also take it for workouts with us, so we can see if it's accurate at measuring distances and time, and to see if the fitness modes bring any cool extras.

To create our ranking we considered our review score, the specs, features, performance, price, and how they stack up to alternatives.

The best smartwatches for 2023

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Just a few years ago, the case for buying a smartwatch was unclear. The market wasn't as saturated as it is today, and features were more limited. Today, the wearable world is filled with various high-quality options, and a few key players, like the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch and Fitbit Versa, have muscled their way to the front of the pack with their smart features. Chances are, if you’re reading this guide, you’ve probably already decided that it’s time to upgrade whatever's on your wrist - be it a standard timepiece or an aging smartwatch. Regardless of which category you fall into, the list of factors you’ll want to consider before deciding which is the best smartwatch for you to buy is a long one, and we'll help you make sense of it.

What to look for in a smartwatch

Cherlynn Low


Apple Watches only work with iPhones, while Wear OS devices play nice with both iOS and Android. Smartwatches made by Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit and others are also compatible with Android and iOS, but you’ll need to install a companion app.

The smartwatch OS will also dictate the type and number of on-watch apps you’ll have access to. Many of these aren’t useful, though, making this factor a fairly minor one in the grand scheme of things.


The best smartwatches generally cost between $300 and $400. Compared to budget smartwatches, which cost between $100 and $250, these pricier devices have advanced fitness, music and communications features. They also often include perks like onboard GPS tracking, music storage and NFC, which budget devices generally don’t.

Some companies make specialized fitness watches: Those can easily run north of $500, and we’d only recommend them to serious athletes. Luxury smartwatches from brands like TAG Heuer and Hublot can also reach sky-high prices, but we wouldn’t endorse any of them. These devices can cost more than $1,000, and you’re usually paying for little more than a brand name and some needlessly exotic selection of build materials.

Battery life

Battery life remains one of our biggest complaints about smartwatches, but there’s hope as of late. You can expect two full days from Apple Watches and most Wear OS devices. Watches using the Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor support extended battery modes that promise up to five days on a charge — if you’re willing to shut off most smart features aside from, you know, displaying the time. Snapdragon’s next-gen Wear 4100 and 4100+ processors were announced in 2020, but only a handful of devices – some of which aren’t even available yet – are using them so far. Other models can last five to seven days, but they usually have fewer features and lower-quality displays. Meanwhile, some fitness watches can last weeks on a single charge.

A few smartwatches now support faster charging, too. For example, Apple promises the Series 7 can go from zero to 80 percent power in only 45 minutes, and get to full charge in 75 minutes. The OnePlus Watch is even speedier, powering up from zero to 43 percent in just 10 minutes. (Mind you that turned out to be one of the only good things about that device.)


Any smartwatch worth considering delivers call, text and app alerts to your wrist. Call and text alerts are self explanatory, but if those mean a lot to you, consider a watch with LTE. They’re more expensive than their WiFi-only counterparts, but data connectivity allows the smartwatch to take and receive calls, and do the same with text messages, without your phone nearby. As far as app alerts go, getting them delivered to your wrist will let you glance down to the watch face and see if you absolutely need to check your phone right now.

Fitness tracking

Activity tracking is a big reason why people turn to smartwatches. An all-purpose timepiece should function as a fitness tracker, logging your steps, calories and workouts, and most of today’s wearables have a heart rate monitor as well.

Many smartwatches' fitness features include onboard GPS, which is useful for tracking distance for runs and bike rides. Swimmers will want something water resistant, and thankfully most all-purpose devices now can withstand at least a dunk in the pool. Some smartwatches from companies like Garmin are more fitness focused than others and tend to offer more advanced features like heart-rate-variance tracking, recovery time estimation, onboard maps and more.

Health tracking on smartwatches has also seen advances over the years. Both Apple and Fitbit devices can estimate blood oxygen levels and measure ECGs. But the more affordable the smartwatch, the less likely it is that it has these kinds of health tracking features; if collecting that type of data is important to you, you’ll have to pay for the privilege.



Your watch can not only track your morning runs but also play music while you’re exercising. Many smartwatches let you save your music locally, so you can connect wireless earbuds and listen to tunes without bringing your phone. Those that don’t have onboard storage for music usually have on-watch music controls, so you can control playback without whipping out your phone. And if your watch has LTE, local saving isn’t required — you’ll be able to stream music directly from the watch to your paired earbuds.

Always-on displays

Most flagship smartwatches today have some sort of always-on display, be it a default feature or a setting you can enable. It allows you to glance down at your watch to check the time and any other information you’ve set it to show on its watchface without lifting your wrist. This will no doubt affect your device’s battery life, but thankfully most always-on modes dim the display’s brightness so it’s not running at its peak unnecessarily. Cheaper devices won’t have this feature; instead, their screens will automatically turn off to conserve battery and you’ll have to intentionally check your watch to turn on the display again.


Many smartwatches have NFC, letting you pay for things without your wallet. After saving your credit or debit card information, you can hold your smartwatch up to an NFC reader to pay for a cup of coffee on your way home from a run. Keep in mind that different watches use different payment systems: Apple Watches use Apple Pay, Wear OS devices use Google Pay, Samsung devices use Samsung Pay and so forth.

Apple Pay is one of the most popular NFC payment systems, with support for multiple banks and credit cards in 72 different countries, while Samsung and Google Pay work in fewer regions. It’s also important to note that both NFC payment support varies by device as well for both Samsung and Google’s systems.

Best overall: Apple Watch

Best overall Apple Apple Watch Series 8 The Apple Watch has evolved into the most robust smartwatch since its debut in 2015, and it’s the no-brainer pick for iPhone users. $399 at Amazon

The Apple Watch has evolved into the most robust smartwatch since its debut in 2015. It’s the no-brainer pick for iPhone users, and we wouldn’t judge you for switching to an iPhone just to be able to use an Apple Watch. The latest model, Apple Watch Series 8, has solid fitness-tracking features that will satisfy the needs of beginners and serious athletes alike. It also detects if you’ve been in a car crash, can carry out ECG tests and measures blood oxygen levels. Plus, this Apple smartwatch offers NFC, onboard music storage and many useful apps as well as a variety of ways to respond to messages.

There aren't a ton of differences between the Series 8 and the Series 7 that came before it. The design is largely unchanged, and while the Apple Watch Series 8 runs on a newer S8 SiP, it didn't feel dramatically faster in our testing. It lasted a little bit longer, and we were impressed by the new low-power mode, which kept the watch going for an additional two hours after already being down to 20 percent battery life.

There are two other options now at the opposite ends of the spectrum. The new Apple Watch Ultra is probably overkill for most people, but it has a ton of extra features like extra waterproofing to track diving, an even more accurate GPS and the biggest battery of any Apple Watch to date. Apple designed it for the most outdoorsy among us, but for your average person, it likely has more features than they'd ever need.

The $250 Apple Watch SE, on the other hand, is less feature-rich than the Series 8, but it will probably suffice for most people. We actually regard the Watch SE as the best option for first-time smartwatch buyers, or people on stricter budgets. You’ll get all the core Apple Watch features as well as things like fall and crash detection, noise monitoring and emergency SOS, but you’ll have to do without more advanced hardware perks like an always-on display, a blood oxygen sensor, an ECG monitor and a skin temperature sensor.

Best budget: Fitbit Versa 2

Best budget Fitbit Fitbit Versa 2 Dropping $400 on a smartwatch isn’t feasible for everyone, which is why we recommend the Fitbit Versa 2 as the best sub-$200 option. $115 at Amazon

Dropping $400 on a smartwatch isn’t feasible for everyone, which is why we recommend the Fitbit Versa 2 as the best sub-$200 option. It’s our favorite budget watch because it offers a bunch of features at a great price. You get all of these essentials: Fitbit’s solid exercise-tracking abilities (including auto-workout detection), sleep tracking, water resistance, connected GPS, blood oxygen tracking and a six-day battery life. It also supports Fitbit Pay using NFC and it has built-in Amazon Alexa for voice commands. While the Versa 2 typically costs $150, we’ve seen it for as low as $100.

Best for Android users: Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Best for Android users SAMSUNG Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Improvements like a more durable screen and refined curvature may not sound exciting, but they make Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 more resilient and reliable. $229.99 at Amazon

Samsung may not have brought many upgrades to the latest version of its popular Galaxy Watch, but that doesn't mean the Watch 5 isn't still the best smartwatch for Android users. Improvements like a more durable screen and refined curvature don't sound exciting, but they make the Watch 5 more resilient and reliable. Plus, the Galaxy Watch offers the most comprehensive health and fitness tracking on Wear OS, and the company added a sleep coaching feature this year that is meant to help guide you towards better rest.

If you don't mind oversized watches, consider the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. It's more expensive at $450, but comes with a larger 45mm titanium case, a more durable screen and a larger battery. Though Samsung markets this Android smartwatch as an outdoor-oriented device, you're better off thinking of it as a big timepiece that lasts longer than the standard model. It has all the same features as the 40mm and 44mm versions, except it supports the GPX route format for workouts so you can get turn-by-turn directions while you hike and bike.

All three watches are also water-resistant so they can track swims or survive a sudden storm, and last more than a day (without the Always On Display enabled). They also run Wear OS 3.5, which is so similar to Samsung's previous Tizen OS that longtime wearers won't need to worry about adjusting to a new system. Ultimately, the Galaxy Watch 5 series is a capable, well-rounded set of smartwatches that will serve most Android users well.

Fashion-forward options


Yes, there are still companies out there trying to make “fashionable” smartwatches. Back when wearables were novel and generally ugly, brands like Fossil, Michael Kors and Skagen found their niche in stylish smartwatches that took cues from analog timepieces. You also have the option to pick up a “hybrid” smartwatch from companies like Withings and Garmin – these devices look like standard wrist watches but incorporate some limited functionality like activity tracking and heart rate monitoring. They remain good options if you prefer that look, but thankfully, wearables made by Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and others have gotten much more attractive over the past few years.

Ultimately, the only thing you can’t change after you buy a smartwatch is its case design. If you’re not into the Apple Watch’s squared-off corners, all of Samsung’s smartwatches have round cases that look a little more like a traditional watch. Most wearables are offered in a choice of colors and you can pay extra for premium materials like stainless steel. Once you decide on a case, your band options are endless – there are dozens of first- and third-party watch straps available for most major smartwatches, allowing you to change up your look whenever you please.

Cherlynn Low contributed to this guide.

Best Smartwatches 2023: Top 15 Watches We Recommend

If you are looking for the best smartwatches, you are at the right door. We will guide you on which smartwatch is good for you which has the best features. You’ll need a watch that can track your workouts, monitor your health, last a long time between charges, include helpful features like flashlights and timers, and, maybe most significantly, be fairly priced. It’s worth noting that some smartwatches are only compatible with particular phones. You won’t be able to pair an Apple Watch with one of the top Android phones.

What is Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a wristwatch with a variety of functions in addition to timekeeping. Monitoring your heart rate, tracking your exercise, and delivering reminders throughout the day are just a few examples. Smartwatches are useful tools for keeping track of one’s fitness.

Based on smartphone type, sporting features, and a variety of prices, we’ve selected our favorite smartwatches from our reviews.

Best Smart Watches 2023:

Here is the list of 15+ Best Watches in 2022 & 2023:

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Apple Watch Series 7 Fitbit Sense Oppo Watch Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Garmin Venu 2 Mobvoi TicWatch E3 Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro Apple Watch SE Garmin Vivoactive 4 Honor Magic Watch 2 TicWatch Pro 3 Amazfit Bip U Pro Xiaomi Mi Watch

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This is an amazing smartwatch. Its design is very good. One more important thing is that you can easily buy it because it is a very affordable smartwatch. It is not used to make phone calls. The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini looks much like an Apple Watch. It has a metal casing and rectangular AMOLED display that’s amazingly identical to Apple’s device, but it’s a little slimmer. Amazfit GTS supports message notifications such as WhatsApp, Wechat, SMS, and other APP notifications, which is useful.

But you cannot answer all the notifications. Although this, it’s still a fraction of the price of Apple’s newest, despite providing far better battery life and other functions such as sleep tracking. The only thing that lets the GTS 2 Mini down is its software. Amazfit’s (admittedly soon-to-be-replaced) operating system is clunky and clumsy, and the mobile app suffers from the same flaws. Nonetheless, the business has worked hard to develop.

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It is the best smartwatch ever. It has a lot of good features. It has very long battery timings. The Apple Watch 7 is the most advanced Apple Watch model to date. In terms of features, it isn’t a significant advance over the Apple Watch 6, although it does have a larger display in the new Apple Watch 7 sizes. For the first time, the Apple Watch is available in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm, complementing the huge screen.

Apple’s seventh-generation iPhone gets various unique watch faces as well as a full QWERTY keyboard. While we wish the Apple Watch’s 18-hour battery life could be extended, the Series 7 benefits from speedier charging. It takes around an hour to fully charge, allowing it to spend less time connected to the new USB-C Magnetic cord and more time with you on the go, whether you’re looking for a fitness smartwatch or a smartwatch for everyday use.

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One of the best features of this smartwatch is that it has a battery timing of 6 days. That is why I love this smartwatch. It will make phone calls and answer them using the watch’s mic and speaker. Additionally, Android users will use voice-to-text for text messages on their wrists. Fitbit Sense is the cutting-edge smartwatch that gives you the most control over your health. It is compatible with IOS as well as android. It is also a waterproof watch.

The Fitbit Sense is the company’s most advanced smartwatch, having more advanced health and wellness functions than the Versa range. The Sense can assess electrodermal activity and skin temperature in addition to having an FDA-approved ECG sensor and blood oxygen readout. The Fitbit Sense is one of the greatest Fitbits, having onboard GPS, a native app store, Alexa, and more. Fitbit is no longer just a company that makes gadgets to measure our steps: devices like Fitbit Sense demonstrate what it means to adopt a holistic approach to our health.

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It is a smartwatch with a great performance and a very attractive design. With four optical sensors placed for optimal accuracy regardless of how much you move, the OPPO Watch records your heart rate around the clock. The Oppo Watch’s heart rate tracking was reasonably accurate, and it fell within the same range as the Mi Watch Revolve. The Oppo Watch was also speedy when tracking variations in heart rate while exercising.

The significant results of the Oppo Watch in both 41mm and 46mm versions is a fantastic first try. The larger 46mm model takes the lead with its Apple Watch-inspired appearance and optional cellular capability, but both models have a robust feature set. Despite Wear OS 2’s flaws, expect excellent swim proofing and one of the best Wear OS 2 experiences available.

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If you want to buy a good smartwatch at reasonable prices, then this watch will be your priority. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 gives you easy access to your favorite apps right on your wrist. Samsung’s latest wearable, available in various sizes and colors, has a lot to offer. Samsung Galaxy Watch customers may enjoy a complete solo experience with LTE connectivity.

They can use their wrist to accept calls, respond to text messages, use GPS navigation, stream music, and more, all without having to take their phone out of their pocket. At present, they’re the only two watches running Wear OS 4. The Galaxy Watch 4 is sportier, while the Classic model is more stylish and multifunctional. Both include many features, such as activity tracking and notifications of new communications. Both have a reliable heart rate sensor and access to the new body composition measures.

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The greatest smartwatch from Garmin is the Venu 2, Which enables you to keep credit card information on your wristwatch. In many aspects, it improves the original Garmin Venu, particularly software and health-tracking capabilities. The Venu 2 may be used to track swimming, and it is waterproof. Garmin has entirely overhauled the Venu 2’s software.

It now highlights the watch’s brilliant OLED display and bright colors on practically every statistics page. Many of the original Venu’s smartwatch features have been carried over to the Venu 2, including message replies (Android only), Garmin Pay support, and even more onboard music storage than before. You can use the device’s speaker and microphone to answer calls from your smartphone.

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TicWatch E3 combines monochromatic minimalism with superior craftsmanship and a clean, trendy, and attractive character. TicWatch E3 has a 2.5D curved glass display that is smooth on the edges and pushes the screen size boundaries to provide an unrivaled user experience. The fitness GPS smartwatch is dust and waterproof to IP68 standards, allowing it to tolerate dust and sand entry.

Wear OS 2 is now available for the TicWatch E3, while Wear OS 3 will be available in 2022. Because of its IP68 rating, it is water-resistant and suitable for various sports. It also works with Google Pay so that you can forget about your wallet. This smartwatch, like many others, is not without problems. Because of the inexpensive price, we can live with the inconsistency of sleep tracking and the shakiness of automatic activity tracking.

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During sports or when your hands are busy, you can make or receive calls. Maintain contact with family and friends at all times. The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro adds some of the most advanced fitness trackings to the series to date. It supports over 100 different workout types and provides professional-grade tracking for 17 of them, including heart rate and VO2Max, as well as altitude and pace. Because it doesn’t have Wi-Fi or LTE, you’ll have to use the Huawei Health app to connect it.

Although it supports NFC, it is only available in China. It connects instantaneously with Huawei devices such as the Mate 30 Pro smartphone and the Huawei FreeBuds 3, but it requires the application for correct initial setup on everything else. The Pro also has Apple Watch-like SpO2 blood oxygen readings, stress and sleep monitoring, and voice coaching to help you get through exercises without looking at the screen. The watch has 4GB of RAM and speakers, so you can load it up with music and listen to it without having to take out your phone.

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The Apple Watch SE is a cheaper smartwatch from Apple, with the S5 chip, an optical heart rate sensor, an always-on altimeter, and fall detection. The Apple Watch SE is a cross between the Series 5 and Series 3 Apple Watches. The smartwatch lacks some of the features of the Series 6, but it still stands out for its fast chip and safety features. It also has an LTE option, making it a fantastic alternative for individuals checking out Family Setup.

Most of what makes it great while eliminating a few essential features is a brighter display with an always-on option, an ECG monitor, and a SpO2 monitor. The SE is a capable iPhone option if those features aren’t a deal-breaker for you. It has fewer features and an older processor, so it’s not ideal for most people.

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The battery life of this smartwatch is about 7 days. It comes in 2 sizes. This GPS fitness tracker/smartwatch combination has a trendy appearance, with 20 preloaded sports apps, onboard music storage, and Bluetooth headphones support. You can buy it because you can easily install Spotify on it. Garmin selected the greatest features of the Vivoactive 3, the best fitness wristwatch on the market, and combined them in the Vivoactive 3.

The watch now comes in two sizes, 40mm and 45mm, to accommodate a wider range of users and comes preloaded with Garmin Pay and music storage. To help you improve your positions, the Vivoactive 4 includes animated on-screen yoga and Pilates sessions. A new pulse oximeter monitors your blood oxygen levels and provides more thorough sleep information. Combined with 7-day battery life, all of this makes the Vivoactive 4 our best fitness wristwatch.

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This is one of the best smartwatches used for several purposes. It has a battery timing of 7 to 14 days. The Honor Magic Watch 2 keeps track of various sports and provides exercise guidance and feedback for specific activities. It’s ideal for folks who want to get in shape. The Honor Magic Watch 2 is an excellent fitness device with several new and returning health functions, such as stress monitoring and activity pattern tracking.

In our tests, the watch also lasts a long time without needing to be charged, up to a week or two weeks depending on which version you buy, and it has a stylish design. The watch has a few flaws, such as its lack of non-fitness capabilities, its design becoming dusty and needing to be cleaned frequently, and many of its fitness features aren’t available on iOS. However, we can still recommend it as a solid smartwatch.

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The most battery-friendly Wear OS watch. We found this smartwatch to be one of the most powerful on the list since it features the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset with 1GB of RAM. Apps load rapidly, and we didn’t see instances where you had to wait for something to start. Although the TicWatch Pro 3 is not available in any other colors or sizes as of this writing, it has a lot to offer its target demographic in terms of sleep and fitness tracking, as well as stress and SpO2 monitoring.

The TicWatch Pro 3 is one of the greatest Wear OS watches, and it has a good battery life and straightforward features. Furthermore, the pricing completely undermines many other high-end smartwatches, making it a little less expensive than many of the other selections on this list.

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If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, the Amazfit Bip U Pro is the way to go. Because it employs a TFT display rather than an AMOLED display, the primary degradation is the 1.43-inch screen and casing materials. The end consequence is a dimmer, duller, and pixelated experience. The Amazfit Bip U Pro smartwatch’s precise optical monitoring allows you to track heart rate and blood oxygen levels correctly.

The Bip U is water-resistant to 50 meters (3) and may be taken while swimming to measure your actions and highlight your success. It’s a great rest and step monitor, with Alexa and GPS incorporated into the Pro edition. If neither of these options appeals to you, the ordinary Bip U will save you even more money. In general, the Amazfit Bip U Pro is a smartwatch that I would strongly suggest.

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The Xiaomi Mi Watch is one of the greatest smartwatches available right now. It also comes with a variety of straps to choose from. Xiaomi’s pair of smartwatches are currently available for two for the price of one in the United States, but they are a formidable offering with top sports features at a great price. The Mi Watch calculates the daily resting heart rate by collecting heart rate data numerous times a day and combining it with activity data.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch is the flagship model with GPS, heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, and 117 workout modes. It’s a stylish smartwatch with a bright 1.39-inch AMOLED display with 454 x 454 pixels resolution. There’s 16-day battery life and 5ATM water resistance. Although we had some issues with heart rate accuracy, the sports tracking and health data are excellent, and you get Firstbeat analytics from workout data. This may call into question some of the advanced statistics, but it doesn’t stop us from recommending them to casual fitness users.

Last Words:

The first thing to look for is compatibility with your phone; an Apple Watch cannot be used with an Android phone, and a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 cannot be used with an iPhone. Then, while choosing a smartwatch, make sure it fits comfortably around your wrist. Larger smartwatches with a case size greater than 44mm may be excessively bulky and cumbersome to wear for those with tiny wrists. You might also find our list of the best smartwatches for women useful if you require capabilities such as cycle or childbirth tracking.

By checking all the smartwatches, you can buy your favorite one.


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